Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • I have never organised such an important event before. Is eventmachine the right partner?

    Eventmachine is based on knowledge of event management collected over 15 years and the experience of professional partners. This means that the quality and production security of your event are always put first.

    Even if you have no previous experience in event management, it is easy to plan your corporate event with eventmachine. All of the necessary decisions have been grouped into five areas and you can reach your goal in just a few clicks. Our tip: there are also pre-made event templates for beginners.

  • Can you also send me an offer in writing?

    After you have configured your event, eventmachine immediately sends you a binding overview of the costs for your corporate event. You will receive this as a PDF file via e-mail.

    This overview of costs does not just contain a summary of your choices, it also contains a break-down of the individual costs. This makes it a reliable basis for a decision about your corporate event which you can use in your next meeting or in a presentation. If you would like to change your selection again later, you do not have to start again from the beginning- simply click on the button in the PDF. This will take you back to your individual event configuration and you can adapt it and create a new overview of the costs in PDF form. If all of the decision-makers in your company are happy with the plan for the event, you can quite simply send the PDF back to us via e-mail or fax and the preparations for you event can begin.

  • Can I really rely on the costs which have been calculated?

    The figures which are calculated by eventmachine are reliable and binding.

    The eventmachine app calculates thousands of individual prices from selected partners in real time. Based on the basic information and number of guests which you have entered, eventmachine determines the costs involved for things such as necessary equipment, personnel or transport costs. This means that the costs for your corporate event are calculated exactly and individually.

  • Why are the costs different for different cities?

    The costs for your corporate event may vary according to city or region because the costs of certain services (e.g. equipment hire or transport) are different in different cities or regions.

    Eventmachine uses different data depending on the location you choose for the corporate event which you are planning. In order to calculate the best price each time, the regional price levels for each option and necessary transport are considered in detail. This means that, in individual cases, a company anniversary in Berlin may cost slightly less than a company anniversary further south than Stuttgart.

  • Can I edit my selection again or do I have to always start from the beginning again?

    You can look at your individual selection again, edit it and improve it at any time.

    Each time you have finished configuring your event, the eventmachine app sends your detailed presentation documents as a PDF file which contains a link to your personal event configuration. This allows you to look at your selection again and edit it at any time. Our tip: on the "summary" page, you can already change all options and immediately see how your event budget changes!

  • Do we need an event management agency in addition to eventmachine?

    It is up to you whether you would like to choose event management services through eventmachine, carry out these tasks yourself or hire another event planning agency.

    You decide how many services you need and whether you choose event management services through eventmachine. Depending on the requirements, the services provided by an event management agency include, for example, specialist planning of technology for your corporate event, creation of time plans and schedules or execution and direction of your event on site. If you would like to manage certain tasks yourself or have certain services carried out by an event management agency of your choice, you can simply skip the section on event management agency services in the configurator.

  • Can you suggest a suitable location for our event straight away?

    If you decide to use eventmachine, we are happy to suggest a suitable location for your event.

    If you would like a wider choice of locations, simply choose the extended location search in "Step 3- Event Services". We will research and check an extended selection of suitable event locations and venues and evaluate these options for you.

  • How much space do we actually need for our event?

    Eventmachine does not just calculate the costs for your event, it also determines how much space you will need in order to realise your vision.

    You will find the calculation of the area in square metres underneath the calculation of costs- underneath your basket. The event area shown here is necessary in order to set up all of the components of your event which your have selected- for example, catering, furniture, or event technology. The calculation of the area therefore has an effect on the event location/venue options. The required area may have to be increased if you have special requirements or due to the particular features of the desired location- for example, if the space has an irregular shape or if there are a lot of pillars in the event area.

  • Do I need to know exactly how many guests are coming to my event already?

    Eventmachine calculates many prices according to how many people will be at your corporate event. This means that a realistic estimate of the number of participating guests is necessary.

    The number of guests can, of course, be changed to a more exact number later. This usually means that a new calculation of the costs is necessary and this must be done with the eventmachine app. This also ensures that the planned personnel, equipment and event area are appropriate for your current requirements.

  • How many participants can eventmachine be used for?

    You can use eventmachine to plan a corporate event for 75 guests or for 2,500 guests.

    The eventmachine app calculates many prices, also in relation to the number of participants at your corporate event. The costs per guest vary according to the size of your event. The more guests you are expecting at the corporate event you are planning, the lower the fixed costs per guest will be. This means that you will always get the best value for money for your corporate event.

  • Can I also use eventmachine to plan private events?

    Eventmachine is a tool for professional event planning.

    Private events should only be planned using eventmachine if you wish to achieve the professional standard of a corporate event- for example, a company anniversary, kick-off event, summer festival or a convention or conference.

  • Can we use eventmachine to plan events abroad too?

    Eventmachine is international.

    All of the components and services offered by eventmachine are also available abroad as our premium providers offer their services internationally. However, due to features which are specific to each country, events which are to take place outside of Germany cannot currently be calculated using the eventmachine app.

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