1. Smart

    Eventmachine is the smartest way to organise your corporate event. Let the app do the work and, in just a few minutes, you will have a result which you can use in presentations.

  2. Transparent

    Eventmachine calculates everything live. You are able to immediately see what effect each decision about each detail has on the budget.

  3. Efficient

    You won't get to the point quicker anywhere else. Configure your event in five easy steps and get a reliable overview of the costs.

  4. Professional

    Eventmachine carries out calculations for all kinds of services with tried and tested, professional partners. This is good for production security and the quality of your event. Anywhere in Germany.

  5. High-performance

    The eventmachine app uses highly modern cloud technology to process thousands of individual prices in real time and creates detailed presentation documents in seconds.

  6. Simple

    Because planning an event has never been so enjoyable. You don't need any previous knowledge and you are fully in control.

  7. Flexible

    Choose as many services as you like. You can change your personal configuration at any time to suit your ideas or your budget.

  8. Diverse

    Eventmachine works for any event, from a one-off company anniversary to a regular convention. Thanks to the high number of combination possibilities, each event remains individual and unique.

  9. Instantaneous and everywhere

    Decide on the process wherever and whenever you want. Eventmachine always works- after work, at the weekend or during your meetings.

  10. Binding

    Eventmachine is backed up by the know-how which we have collected over 15 years working in event management and detailed calculations from our experienced partners. The prices for your configuration are dependable and reliable.

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